Sony may be readying a disc version of some of its downloadable hits if new ESRB ratings classifications are to be believed.

Did you miss out on titles like Fat Princess and Tokyo Jungle because you don't have your PlayStation 3 hooked up to the internet? Well then do we have good news for you. Based on a new ESRB classification (spotted by Gamespot), there will be a compilation of PSN games arriving in disc form at retail very soon.

Dubbed The Best of PSN, Vol. 1, the collection includes the aforementioned titles, along with Sound Shapes and When Vikings Attack. All four games were previously available as downloadable games only, but now there will be no excuse for missing out on any of these fine games.

There's no pricing information or a release date yet, but an ESRB rating usually means an announcement will be coming soon with those pertinent details. What do you think of disc releases of digital games? Which games would you like to see make the Best of PSN, Vol. 2?