Injustice: Gods Among Us has been enjoying its time in the limelight as friends continually engage each other in super hero mortal combat. Pummeling your chums is cool and all, but nothing solidifies the hurt and wounds your opponent's character feels when you bust out a Super Move. With that said, check out our list of the 10 Best Injustice: Gods Among Us Super Moves, which are all guaranteed to humiliate, bedazzle, and impress. Ya know, as long as you land the initial hit.

Black Adam's "Teth-Adam" is awesome because it adds even more embarrassment for your foe since you finish it off by standing on their diaphragm with your arms folded. Like a boss.


Hawk Girl's "Power of Nth" is quick, very painful, and leads to the world's mightiest headache. Honestly, we'd rather take the other kind of mace to the face.


Lobo's called "The Main Man" and so is his Super Move. This fiery special adds more insult to injury as Lobo flips you the bird and laughs at your pathetic screams for respite.


Lex Luthor's "Coordinates Received" lets him catch an orbital strike and throw it at you. C'mon, it's like a Spirit Bomb! And that's badass.


Sinestro's fuels his ring with Fear and fuels his ego by naming his Super Move after himself. "Sinestro's Might" sandwiches you between two meteorites and then lasers you back to Earth. Yowch.


The Flash lets loose with his "Speed Zone" and runs around the world to rear up a punch that's headed for your chin. And for good measure, he punches you again.


The Green Lantern's "Beware My Power" teleports you to Oa and runs you through a crash course on how to get hit by light constructs.


Superman's "Kryptonian Crush" is the punch heard 'round the world as Supes uppercuts you out of the stratosphere and then double-axe handles you back to terra firma.


Harley Quinn's "Mallet Bomb" is goofy, kinda cute, and has a pie-bomb. Really, what's not to love about it?


Aquaman's "Atlantean Rage" aims to prove once and for all that this King of Atlantis isn't lame. Say otherwise and he'll sic his shark on you.