The Vita has a sore lack of depth when it comes to fighting games, but Warner Bros. has been doing its best to bring its punchiest titles to the Sony handheld. Case in point, the just-announced Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition. The portable version made its debut at New York Comic Con this week, and we just had to test it out to see if Armature Studios was up to the task of porting over NetherRealm's DC fighter.

Developed by Armature Studios, Injustice on the Vita delivers all the combat, characters, costumes and combos of the original game in one tiny package. It all runs at a gloriously smooth 60 frames per-second, to boot. During our hands-on time with the full version of the port, we ran through characters like Superman, Batgirl, Lobo and Hawkgirl to see how playing on the Vita felt. It should come as no surprise the controls are just as tight as they were on consoles, and the Vita d-pad does make it easy to use the NetherRealm-style inputs.

Though the one of the major features of the Vita is its touchscreen, Injustice sticks to using standard button controls almost entirely. The only place touch controls come into play is during select Star Labs missions. Even there, it's not a major component, but it does provide a bit of flair for the portable version. It's a good thing there aren't tap-to-fight controls, as it would diminish your ability to see the crisp visuals on the Vita's LED screen. While Injustice on the Vita doesn't quite look as impressive when side-by-side with the console version, it does look impressive in its own right. Colors pop, animations are smooth, and there's no slowdown even when there's a bunch of action happening on-screen.

If you've played Injustice before, you're getting exactly that, only in a tinier format. Fans couldn't have asked for more, and those of you who waited out a version with all the DLC will be just as happy.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition will be out for the Vita on Nov. 12. It will also be available on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PC.

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