Fall is here and the world around you becomes a little bit more cold. That’s not just the weather. That cold feeling is a ghost sitting in the palm of your hand. October is the time when the land of the living and the plane of the dead are a little bit closer to each other. Some of those wandering and malevolent souls could have found your way into your iOS device. Since they might already be there hiding behind your circuit board, you might want to check out our list of the 10 Best Ghost Games.

  • 10

    Gravely Silent: House of Deadlock Collectors Edition

    Big Fish Games, Inc

    The iOS is really the rebirth of the point and click adventure games. Gravely Silent: House of Deadlock is the most ghostly point and click adventure you’re likely to find. With lush graphics and challenging puzzles, it will surely keep you busy and distracted from the real ghosts that are haunting your bathroom.

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    Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek

    Big Fish Games, Inc

    Essentially a find the hidden object game, Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek takes that formula and elevates it to so much more. It weaves in an intriguing story that will keep you sorting through all of the abandoned rooms of junk for the keys to the mystery at hand. Its fantastic visuals heighten the sense of creepiness and intrigue. It will make you think twice about tapping the screen, lest a ghostly hand reaches out for your finger.

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    Dead Runner

    Distinctive Developments Ltd

    The souls of the damned are haunting the trees and you need to make your way out as fast as you can. Dead Runner is a clever spin on the endurance-run genre of games. The audible whispers of the dead chase you as you try to dodge trees and gravestones to make it as far as you can before your soul is captured. Dead Runner ran its way into our list of the best ghost games.

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    Haunted Domains HD

    Alawar Entertainment, Inc

    If you prefer your spooky specters to be a bit more friendly, then Haunted Domains HD would be the perfect choice for some delightfully creepy fun. A dozen ghouls inhabit a mansion and it’s up to you to complete tasks and keep them happy. The art style is cartoonish and perfectly matches up with the trick-or-treat tone of of the gameplay.

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    Ghosts Attack

    Tarver Games, LLC

    Augmented reality is the perfect technique to scare the pants off an unsuspecting mobile gamer. Ghosts Attack mashes up your real world with an interesting story about 13 scientists and some ghostly apparitions. Add in multiple dimensions and some FPS elements and you’ll see why Ghosts Attack made our list of the 10 best ghost games.

  • 5


    Kydos Studio

    The goal of Soul is simple: an old man has died and it is up to you to lead his soul through mazes and other trials and tribulations on its way to heaven. This port of the original Xbox game lacks none of the gorgeous luster of the original. Soul is a game that will continue to haunt you long after you have to stop playing because you got a call on your iPhone.

  • 4

    Dark Meadow

    Phosphor Games Studio, LLC

    If you took Infinity Blade, added a few new weapons, and made it a bit more horror-centric, then you’d find yourself with Dark Meadow. This dark fairy tale is shot through with black humor and silky controls that will keep you exploring the ghostly memories of Montclair Hospital. Everything from specters to strangely feathered beasts are roaming the halls just waiting to get your body to give up its spirit.

  • 3

    Spirits for iPad

    Spaces of Play

    The inspired art style of Spirits is only one of the many pleasures of this 10 best ghostly game. As the leaves fall, they give up their ghosts. It is up to you to control their environment and get them to their final destination. The problem is, in order to do some of the actions, a spirit must be sacrificed. You must weigh the final goal against the single soul in order to complete each level in this gorgeous little game.

  • 2

    Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective


    A game that begins with your death is surely a candidate for our list of 10 best ghost games. When your character takes a bullet at the beginning of the night, his soul is released to find out just what happened to him. You have until morning to solve your own murder. Featuring some outrageous artwork and storytelling, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a worth port of the original DS game. Plus, the first two levels are free, so if you aren’t already downloading it, you should be.

  • 1

    Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast

    XMG Studio Inc.

    Finally, we have Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast. This game perfectly infuses augmented reality with the Ghostbusters ethos you’ve come to know and love. Certain places near you are haunted and only by going there and firing up the app are you abe to try and capture the ghost. Checking in on Foursquare isn’t quite enough to take down these baddies, oh no. You’ll need to weaken them with your proton pack before sucking them into your ghostly trap to become Slimer’s roommate. Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast haunted its way to the top of our 10 best ghost games list.