The world of fighting games is also a world of sequels. It’s a fact. Where there’s an beloved and established fighting game out there, there’s also a market of fans that go rabid whenever any news of a follow-up in the given franchise occurs. Whether it’s for the addition of new and interesting characters, updates and reworks of classic favorites or just the advance of technology allowing for a total overhaul to our favorite brawler, fighting games are a medium that begs to be updated, balanced, rebalanced and tweaked again and again. Companies, in turn, are more than happy to keep producing to make that guaranteed bank off the continued support of their fans. Sometimes that turns a product rotten, but you won’t find those on this list. This one is reserved for the winner’s circle.

These fighters here didn’t come as a quick cash grab or a misstep resulting in an inferior product. These games took their predecessors and everything that was done right in those previous entries and took them to the limit. Each of these fighting games has what it takes to stand on their own even today as some of the greatest representations of what their respective series can do at their best. This list has the cabinets we go looking for in the arcades or our go to games for offline and online combat and bragging rights in our living rooms. These are the round twos of round twos. These are our 10 Best Fighting Game Sequels.