The indie game portion of the Xbox Gamescom 2014 press conference ended with yet another look at Capy Games' big adventure Below, and the more we see of this game, the harder it gets to wait for its release.

This new trailer shows the hero battling deep in an underground cavern against a handful of monsters while exploring the cave. At one point he ends up in a chamber with a glowing artifact, not unlike something out of Indiana Jones, as well as in a dark pit lit only by the hero's torch and littered with remains. At the end we get a brief peek at what looks to be a shadowy boss character with giant tentacles approaching the hero, but we never get to see the monster for ourselves,

This all looks great, but we're wondering if anyone will even get to see this part of the game. Considering how difficult Capy is toting Below to be, this deep cavern is probably the result of hours upon hours of gameplay. Should that be the case, then we may never retrieve that glowing artifact or fight that shadowy monster, which is a damn shame considering how cool it looks.

Below is coming to Xbox One and PC in 2014. Hopefully we'll have a firm date from Capy soon.