During this exclusive Nintendo Direct demonstration, we get to learn about all sorts of new features going into Bayonetta 2, including the Starfox outfit, a new playable character and an actual release date for our favorite Umbra Witch.

The sultry, demon-controlling witch is back in Bayonetta 2. According to the latest Nintendo Direct event, Bayonetta 2 is oriented towards non-stop climax action along with tension building and releasing to help set an amazing pace that only the returning queen can dictate. In this sequel, Bayonetta must head into Inferno (Hell, obviously), to save her best friend and fellow Umbra Witch, Jean. Along the way, we'll also see Enzo, Luka, Rodin and the mysterious child, Loki.

In between Bayonetta and the imprisoned Jean are a whole lot of Angels and Demons, which you'll have to fight. The masked Lumen characters look to be quite the antagonists this time around. While the first title had a lot of Angels to fight, Platinum Games decided to make its Demons look comprised of "inorganic matter," to make them look threatening and otherworldly.

In terms of controls, the Wii U GamePad's X button is for punches/upper body weapons and A is used to kick/lower body weapons. You hold either button to shoot enemies who are far away and continuously press these buttons for combo attacks. You can experiment to chain together multiple combos or discover longer ones by timing when you press each button. There will also be an automatic mode which will auto-execute combos with each button press and even with swipes. These are for more casual play experiences. Wtich Time can be activated with perfect dodges, allowing you time to counterattack. As your Magic Gauge fills, you can execute extremely powerful attacks, such as the Umbran Climax and Torture Attacks. The Umbran Climax attacks are good for clearing out lots of enemies while Torture Attacks are inspired by devices used to punish witches in the past and are better suited for single targets.

Bayonetta can equip two preset weapon selects and switch between them on-the-fly. You can equip different weapons to your hands and feet, with some weapons playing quite differently when switching appendages.

Progression through the story is Chapter/Stage-based. There will also be aerial, underwater and vehicular battles. Like the original title, you will be scored at the end of each battle and be awarded Halos as currency for Rodin's store to purchase skills, costumes, weapons and more. We've already announced the Princess Toadstool, Link and Samus costumes, but Platinum Games has revealed a new Starfox costume, as well as an unofficial Chun-Li outfit.

We have learned that both Rodin and Jean will be playable in Bayonetta 2, in both its single-player campaign and co-op online Tag Climax mode.

Bayonetta will launch on Oct. 24 exclusively for Wii U and will include the original game as well.

Bayonetta 2 is looking really clean, but you know she can get really dirty as well.