This isn't one of our Greatest Game Cosplays; it's Bayonetta dressed as our favorite Nintendo heroines in Nintendo's E3 trailer for Bayonetta 2.

The Varia Suit, Princess Toadstool dress and Kokiri Tunic have all gotten much sultrier with Nintendo's E3 2014 trailer for Bayonetta 2. This long-awaited sequel marks the return of the Devil May Cry-inspired shooter. While Bayonetta may have had her luscious locks lopped off for something a bit cuter, the angel-slaying witch is still just as edgy on the Wii U as she was on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In particular, the sassy summoner will be taking on angels and demons alike with her crazy weapons, maleficent magic and trademark attitude.

We were surprised to see that Nintendo's E3 trailer for Bayonetta 2 showcased some new Nintendo cosplay options for the vivacious vixen -- we certainly have never seen Link's trademark tunic look so curvy. On top of all of this fan service, Platinum Games has decided to include the original, 2009 title for free with Bayonetta 2. That's right, you get all of Bayonetta in her full glory when she arrives this October exclusively for Wii U.