Despite a ton of recently leaked footage hitting the Internet, we have finally gotten our hands on the first official trailer for Battlefield Hardline.

The first official trailer for Battlefield Hardline, the cops-and-robbers spin-off title being developed by Visceral Games, has been posted. You guys might remember Visceral as being the developers of the Dead Space series and the secret, untitled 'Star Wars' game being helmed by former Uncharted lead Amy Hennig. After checking this trailer out, you'll be wanting to scream every cliche cop TV show catchphrase at your screen the next time you play a first-person shooter. Our favorite would be "book 'em, Danno!"

Visceral Games seeks to rebuild the rather underwhelming single-player experience of Battlefield 4. The TV crime drama aspect of Battlefield Hardline's single-player campaign looks like it might do just that. Come on, there's even a guy sliding across the hood of his car. Be ready to flare up the sirens when Battlefield Hardline launches on Oct. 21 for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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