Visceral Games has done it again with yet another awesome Easter egg that can be found in its newest shooter, Battlefield Hardline — a couch vehicle.

Just in case you ever wished that you could just go to Taco Bell without having to move from your couch, Battlefield Hardline has answered your prayers, sort of. While you may not be able to drive to Taco Bell in Visceral Games' newest first-person shooter, you can definitely drive around the streets of LA on a couch and shoot up some drug lords. In the video above, you can check out YouTube user jackfrags cruise around the game in a super-fast couch, with its 1970's design and all.

Eurogamer reports that this is just one example of the cool Easter eggs that come along with most Battlefield games. The couch will not only be the vehicle you want to get your hands on, because, well, it's a couch, but also because of the specs that go along with it. Not only does the couch move faster than any other vehicle in the game, it can also hold up to four players to cruise along with you. Plus, the couch has been dubbed "The American Dream" and when you kill someone with it, the kill feed simply states, "Merica". Do we need more reasons for you to want to ride along in it? You can find "The American Dream" in the Dustbowl map on Hotwire mode. While it's pointed out that not many people know of the Easter egg just yet, which will give you a head start on finding it, there's a good chance that after today it may be more well known than one would hope.

Make sure to catch the couch before someone else does and ride around like a true G on Battlefield Hardline, which is out on March 17 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.