Light the sirens and cue 'Bad Boys' by Inner Circle, we have a new release date for Battlefield Hardline.  

After being delayed from its original Oct. 21 debut to its vague early 2015 launch window, we now have a finalized release date for Battlefield Hardline: March 17, 2015. Given the rocky launch of Battlefield 4 and the months DICE spent to rectify the things that went wrong (bullet detection, inaccuracy, poor matchmaking, inconsistent damage, etc.), we don't mind the game's postponement just as long as it plays well right out of the box.

Hardline will toss you into Miami PD's war against Florida's staggering drug trade. Its multiplayer consists of various kinds of cops and robber-inspired matches with DICE's own ideas and innovations. It's quite a breath of fresh air in the multiplayer FPS genre to have huge, elaborate car chases than to have a compact room of a dozen people shooting it out from behind cover.

Live on the wild side or uphold the law when Battlefield Hardline launches next year for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.