Visceral Games is taking a tactic that seems to have been forgotten in this day and age, and are rewarding its longstanding Battlefield fans with a few perks.

It's no secret that Visceral Games' newest addition to the Battlefield series, Battlefield Hardline, is different than its predecessors, and now Visceral Games is looking to reward those people who have stuck with the series since the beginning. "Naturally, we're thrilled about those who will make Battlefield Hardline their first Battlefield game," Visceral Games explained in a post on its Battlefield Hardline Blog. "But we also feel we want to give you Battlefield veterans out there something special." If there are fans out there who not only have Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4, but are also planning on buying Battlefield Hardline they will have the added bonus of receiving an exclusive "Veteran's Pack."

If you're wondering what exactly this "Veteran's Pack" will include, you can check out all the perks below:

  • One in-game Veteran’s Patch
  • One 200% Objective Boost (active for 30 minutes once activated)
  • One 200% Teamplay Boost (active for 30 minutes once activated)

If you're worried about the technicalities, don't be. "Redeeming is a cinch," the post proclaims. "If you own any of the three aforementioned games on any platform and have an Origin account, the Veteran's Pack will be available automatically the first time you log in to Battlefield Hardline." If you register any of the first games before Battlefield Hardline all you have to do is log on to Battlefield Hardline after you've registered them and the pack will pop up, ready for use.

Now, all you veterans have to do is wait for Battlefield Hardline to come out on March 17, and take to the streets as a cop intent on stopping the criminals.

Veteran's Boosts
Visceral Games
Veteran's Badge
Visceral Games