Bad news for those who were wanting to play cops and robbers, EA has announced that Battlefield Hardline is being pushed back to an early 2015 release.

The official Battlefield website has announced that Battlefield Hardline will be keeping the cops in the precinct and the robbers in the safe house until early 2015 before letting them duke-it-out. This delay has been done mainly as a result of what Visceral Games has learned from its recent beta testing -- there is just too much that needs to be done in order to properly fix and polish Battlefield Hardline before it reached its original Oct. 21 release date. Since Battlefield 4 had a rather shaky launch and hasn't gotten many of its issues fixed until recently, EA has decided to give Visceral as much time as it needs.

In particular, Visceral wants to even out Hardline's multiplayer and add even more toys to use and some new match types. A major focus of this extra time will be the stability of Hardline, given the frustrations gamers had during the first six months of Battlefield 4. The last major feature that Visceral will be flushing out will be the story depth of its single player campaign, since Battlefield 4's narrative was rather underwhelming compared to most contemporary first-person shooter stories.

Obviously, this pulls Battlefield Hardline out of the competition between the numerous AAA games that will be coming out throughout October and the holiday 2014 season by giving it an early 2015 release. Battlefield 4's Dragon's Teeth DLC will be launching worldwide on July 29, with the Final Stand expansion coming around the fall or winter time.

Let's just hope that Battlefield Hardline will be able to get its gun noises right, because we sure did in this 5x5 video.