۞ by AllGamesBeta

Even when there's no one else to play cops and robbers with on the expansive streets of Battlefield: Hardline, its leaked beta footage still looks quite impressive.

AllGamesBeta has posted this supposedly leaked beta footage of Battlefield: Hardline's Blood Money mode. The level, called High Tension, is very reminiscent of Battlefield 4's Siege of Shanghai and Operation Locker levels. In particular, High Tension has increased the number of skyscrapers from the Siege of Shanghai map and has intertwined plenty of indoor, underground and multi-level areas throughout the stage, offering a variety of gameplay options.

This footage also shows off some of the new weapons and vehicles we'll get to use in Hardline. In particular, the police vehicles and machine pistols all look rather excellent. We also get to see that before the rounds start, the Police start off in a garage compound where they have access to a variety of cop-themed vehicles.

Battlefield: Hardline is expected to leave the precinct towards the end of 2014 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC. We'll be learning more about Hardline at E3 next week.