With Battlefield 4's bug-ridden release leaving our minds and Battlefield: Hardline entering the fray in March, not many of us were thinking about the next installment of the series, but an Alabama-based analyst group has been doing the heavy thinking for us and has a prediction: Battlefield 5 might not launch until 2016.

According to IGN, analysts at the firm Sterne Agee don't anticipate EA launching Battlefield 5 until two years from now, citing three major reasons:

- With Battlefield: Hardline launching in March, two Battlefields in one calendar year might cause an extreme case of franchise fatigue.

- According to the report, "EA is apparently feeling very confident about the release of its other shooter, Star Wars Battlefront. A year and a half ago, EA said it was targeting a Summer 2015 release for Battlefront. It is unclear whether or not that is still the timeline, but fans should be happy to hear of EA's confidence."

- Perhaps most obviously, extended time working on Battlefield 5 might avoid the same fate as Battlefield 4 and its abysmal launch.

While we weren't thinking of Battlefield 5 (yet), all of this analysis makes a lot of sense. Annual releases come with their own levels of franchise fatigue, so two in a year would not be smart, and anything EA can do to avoid the last game's problems is alright by us. Patience is a virtue, and it looks like we'll need it in the case of Battlefield 5.