EA and DICE have released the official trailer for the upcoming Dragon’s Teeth expansion for Battlefield 4. The trailer shows action on all four of the new maps that will be included in the expansion.

Dragon’s Teeth will include four maps when it launches on July 29; Lumphini Garden, Pearl Market, Propaganda and Sunken Dragon. Battlefield Premium subscribers will have access starting on July 15. In addition to the four new battle maps, the $15 Dragon's Teeth expansion will include a new game mode called Chain Link, in which teams link capture points together to win. Five new weapons will be added to the arsenal, as well as the new unmanned R.A.W.R. assault vehicle, and the Ballistic Shield.

Loaded with gameplay footage, the trailer gives us a look at all of Dragon’s Teeth’s new content, including the game’s Levolution mechanic at work in one of the maps. A closed off dam results in bursting pipes throughout the map. The water pressure builds to a crescendo where a huge water tower explodes, flooding the play area and wiping out a soldier right after he finished off an enemy with a close combat counter.

Dragon’s Teeth will be the penultimate Battlefield 4 expansion, and will be followed by Final Stand, the last addition to the game. Little is known about the fifth and final expansion, but DICE has confirmed that Final Stand will focus on the final days of the in-game War of 2020.