DICE has revealed some new details for the Dragon's Teeth downloadable content expansion coming to Battlefield 4's online multiplayer.

The official Battlefield Facebook page has just released a new photo depicting a naval assault on an Asian-themed building floating on water. The caption of the screenshot claims players will have the option to charge the restaurant via boats and jet skis or by draining the lake entirely, which would ground the restaurant and allow you to rush it with vehicles. This offers a big environmental change that we haven't seen before in Battlefield 4 and will likely cause tons of chaos throughout the map.

The Dragon's Teeth expansion will be adding four Asian cities to use in its competitive multiplayer. The four maps are Sunken Dragon (pictured above), Pearl Market, Propaganda and Lumphini Garden. Also being added to Dragon's Teeth are five new weapons, the unmanned R.A.W.R. assault vehicle, the Ballistic Shield and the Chain Link game mode.

Dragon's Teeth will be coming out sometime this summer, with two weeks of early access to the expansion given to those with a Battlefield 4 Premium account.