Game Informer has the skinny on Batman: Arkham Origins for the month of May, and one of the many interesting details to surface centers on Batman's various stomping grounds.

Batman: Arkham Origins begins on an ominous Christmas Eve wherein the Caped Crusader is still learning the ins and outs of crime fighting. Bringing the holiday spirit into a darkened metropolis was actually a match made in heaven for the developers. "It's a really cool, happy, warm thing and then a really sad thing mixed together to make this ironic image," said creative director Eric Holmes to Game Informer. "It's a beautiful thing in an ugly place. It adds ironic humor to things without breaking the seriousness of the theme, which is really fun for us."

In the Arkham Origins world Batman will take on eight assassins, with the deadly Deathstroke among the villains hired to wipe him off the face of the earth. The Black Mask is the operator behind the whole operation to kill Batman.

Amidst all the fighting, Warner Bros. Games Montreal aims to bring a denser feel to Batman's universe, whether it's Arkham or Gotham City. "We're not interested in making a big sprawling city where you run for blocks before you find someone to fight, said senior producer Ben Mattes. "We want to maintain that density where around every corner over every rooftop there's always something interesting both visually and gameplay-wise."

Batman: Arkham Origins comes out on the Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 25th.