We have learned some of the newest details about certain supervillains of Gotham who will be returning for one last showdown in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Thanks to Game Informer, we know have learned about the design changes that went into bringing Two Face, Penguin and the Riddler to life in this closing chapter of Rocksteady's beloved Arkham series. While we have certainly seen many incarnations of these villains in the past, including various Arkham titles, we are glad to see that the design changes that went into altering the looks of these villains also reflect their stories as well.

With Scarecrow being the criminal mastermind behind the main events that cause Gotham City to be evacuated, we do know that there are plenty of other supervillains willing to cause more damage. This new version of the Penguin has strayed far away from his trademark top hat and suit, focusing on the grime, mass and grit that the character has.

While the Penguin was changed to a more casual (but disgusting), look, Two Face was relatively unchanged because of how well he was received in Arkham City -- Rocksteady simply rolled up his sleeves and made him look as next-gen as possible. The Ridder will perhaps be the most changed (except for Harley Quinn, who was not featured by GameInformer yet). Riddler's look will visibly reflect the frustration he has after repeatedly watching Batman thwart his various puzzles. He'll go from taking his jacket off, ruffling his hair in frustration, ripping off his tie in anger and eventually going full-out crazy.

Batman: Arkham Knight is being bat-signaled for a Oct. 14 release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.