The Xbox Series S port for 'Baldur's Gate 3' is edging closer.

Larian Studios "ran into some technical difficulties" trying to port the game to Microsoft's console, however, there has been a promising update.

Larian's Swen Vincke shared on X - formerly Twitter: "Got a nice present from our engineers. Ensuring memory is well under control and having buffer for peaks was the main thing holding us back. I think this will benefit all platforms too.

"Still some work left but very close now."

Larian said earlier this year: “We’ve run into some technical issues in developing the Xbox port that have stopped us feeling 100 per cent confident in announcing it until we’re certain we’ve found the right solutions – specifically, we’ve been unable to get splitscreen co-op to work to the same standard on both Xbox Series X/S, which is a requirement for us to ship."

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