Larian Studios head Swen Vincke believes ‘The Witcher 4’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ “can dwarf what [they’ve] been doing” with ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’.

The company enjoyed wide success after releasing the role-playing-game last year - winning several honours, including The Game Award for Game of the Year - but Swen has now admitted he believes Larian’s achievements don’t “strike fear” in AAA title developers.

Speaking to Game Pressure, he said: “I don't think we strike fear in the hearts of AAA developers.

“I don't think that's true.”

The studio’s boss was then asked about his thoughts on a previous comment from Strange Scaffold CEO Xalavier Nelson Jr., who described ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ as an “anomaly” of success, due to the size, experience and resources in Larian’s hands which is uncommon in the indie development world.

Swen said he agreed with Xalavier, and emphasised AAA studios - like CD Projekt Red and Rockstar Games, who are making ’The Witcher 4’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ respectively - would be able to reach heights Larian couldn’t due to their bigger budgets and teams.

He explained: “Yeah, I saw that conversation. It was ripped out of context, because we talked to Xalavier. He's a very nice guy.

“And of course, you shouldn’t expect from somebody who has an indie budget that they're gonna make a big AAA, cinematic expansive RPG.

“But you can rest assured. You guys have ‘Witcher 4’ coming. I'm sure that will be fantastic.

“You are going to see a whole bunch of other games that are going to be very huge, like ‘GTA VI’.

“That's also going to be massive and expensive. They can dwarf what we've been doing.”

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