Prepare your PlayStation 3 consoles for Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star, a so-called "7 dimensional" role-playing game!

Straight from the PlayStation Blog are some words from Akira Tsuchiya, Director on Ar nosurge. The game has just launched on PlayStation 3 and Tsuchiya wanted to explain what the 7 dimensional aspect of the game truly means.

He said: "You might be thinking: 'Sure, that’s just the setting of the game.' But in fact, people who understand Ar nosurge on that basis alone will be in for quite a surprise halfway through the storyline. Up until that point the story carefully and accurately depicts 'a world that exists beyond the 7 dimensions.' While you the player exist in this world, I believe you’ll also feel that you are essential in controlling the fate of the other world."

The goal is to let you feel connected to the game world and its inhabitants, letting you feel as if you can really communicate back and forth with the characters that live beyond the 7 dimensions. It still sounds very mysterious, but Tsuchiya promises that many players might feel a "sense of emptiness" upon completing the game and feeling like they've been severed from the world. Sounds like Ar nosurge is going to be pretty intense. Find out for yourself, since it's available now on PlayStation 3.