Mythology is taken to a new level with Alientrap's newest game that asks its players to rise up and take on the gods for what you really believe in.

Apotheon, Alientrap's newest action RPG platformer, is asking you to rise and defeat the "callous Gods" that have turned their back on your people. What started out as a sci-fi open world game has transformed into a sci-fi mythology game where the player will have to whip some ignorant gods into shape. The new trailer debuted on the PlayStation Blog and we can't stop staring. From the quintessential Greek art to the retelling of the famous Greek mythology, we can't wait to get our hands on this game. While its original release date was pushed back slightly, it was just so that the team could work on the PlayStation 4's PlayStation Plus perks -- members will get Apotheon free for the entire month of February.

Get ready to break free of your puppeteering Greek gods in Apotheon, which releases today, Feb. 3 for PlayStation 4.