Anyone with a healthy obsession for flinging irate birds at smug-lookin' pigs on consoles will be glad to know that the new downloadable content pack for the Angry Birds Trilogy is now available.

Rovio has just released the Anger Management DLC, which packs 130 brand new levels, including stages from levels like "Ham 'O' Ween", "Wreck the Halls", "Birdday Party", and a whole lot more. That's 130 more valid excuses for you to procrastinate on your work or not study for your finals. The DLC also adds the Orange Bird, which can be seen in action in the video below.

You can download Anger Management now on the XBox Live Marketplace for 400 Microsoft Points or on the PlayStation Store for $4.99. The Angry Birds Trilogy is also on the 3DS, but there haven't been any announcements concerning DLC for the handheld version yet.