Pre-orders have begun for Animal Crossing's amiibo cards. Let's see scalpers try to ruin this one.

Destructoid reports that Amazon has started taking pre-orders for the first set of amiibo cards. These NFC-enabled cards will be compatible with the 3DS' upcoming Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. Both the first set of amiibo cards and Happy Home Designer are due to launch on Sept. 25.

Nintendo's upcoming line of amiibo cards function a lot like amiibo figurines (because all the people buying them out there care so much about their functionality, right?). Using the New 3DS or an older model equipped with the NFC reader accessory, you'll be able to scan these cards into Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, which will give you a bonus function in the game you couldn't get otherwise. In the case of these Animal Crossing cards, you'll be able to interact with the character featured on each card.

Series 1 of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer's amiibo card set features 100 different cards. Each pack of six cards costs $5.99 and their contents are random, but at least each pack will contain a special holographic character card. Good luck trying to collect all of those at random for basically $1 each. You can pre-order them now at Amazon (though it looks like they're limiting purchases to only four packs each). These will probably end up selling well, encouraging Nintendo to release more series of cards for future games that didn't get their own set of amiibo figurines. The 3DS' AR cards kind of flopped, but these are amiibo cards.

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