As all of the downloadable songs for Guitar Hero, DJ Hero and Band Hero are getting ready to be pulled off of the online market, Activision will offer a special discount for those who still play its widely acclaimed music titles.

According to the Guitar Hero Facebook, every downloadable track available for its Guitar, DJ and Band Hero titles are going to be removed from the market starting on March 31. The paid DLC for the Guitar Hero mobile game will also be removed on this date as well. Anyone who has previously paid for any of these pieces of DLC will be able to keep their downloaded tracks, but the songs will no longer be able to be downloaded from their respected online marketplaces.

As a way of saying thanks for the community of music gamers' support throughout the years, a large number of songs will be available for a discount (up to a maximum of a 50% discount for some songs) until the end of the month. The Guitar Hero mobile game will also be available for a reduced price at the App Store until March 31.