Aliens: Colonial Marines has a new Concept-to-Game video up, showing us the impeccable taste in decor of the local Xenomorphs at Hadley's Hope.

The previous video gave us looks into how concept art for Hadley's Hope became full, 3D environments inside the game. It was a nice glimpse of how a human colony in Aliens: Colonial Marines got ravaged by aliens, with signs of heavy damage everywhere you looked. But this new video shows us how the little blighters took a human settlement and made it their own. And since there were no Xenomorph equivalents of Ikea anywhere on the planet, they took to furnishing the abandoned areas with egg sacs full of facehuggers and human sacrifices encased in resin pillars. Mm-mm, sounds pretty damn gross.

Check out the video below and prepare for the Xenomorphic horrors, which will be more than just decorative, when the game comes out on February 12th, 2013.