In space, Creative Assembly's Alien: Isolation will help you scream.

Thanks to the PlayStation Blog, we have heard from the team at Creative Assembly about how adamant they are at trying to recreate the suspense and frenzied scares of Ridley Scott's original classic in Alien: Isolation. At the same time, they wanted to stay true to quality gaming and did not simply want the Xenomorph alien to just do the same scripted routines over and over to the point where you must simply memorize his patterns.

Instead, Creative Assembly has tried to make the alien think and act as a predatory creature. If you make certain noises or alert yourself to its presence somehow, it will stalk you. If you and the alien actually see each other but are far away, the alien will slither back into the darkness in order to find a more opportune path in order to pounce. The desolate space station you will encounter the alien on will prove to provide a pure, atmospheric, haunted house of a hunt.

Alien: Isolation is expected for a late 2014 release for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, as well as Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.