Remedy Entertainment has revealed that its light- and darkness-filled survival horror game, Alan Wake, reeled in over 4.5 million copies sold, with no sequel in sight.

In an era where survival horror has started to focus on cliche action sequences or action-less first-person exploration, it's nice to see a quality horror game like Alan Wake shine. Destructoid reports Remedy Entertainment CEO Matias Myllyrinne has announced that the Alan Wake franchise has sold over 4.5 million units across Xbox 360 and PC. It's not really any surprise either, as Alan Wake came out five years ago to an overwhelmingly positive response.

Alan Wake centered around its self titled character, a novelist with a severe case of writers block. His wife secretly plans a trip to a lakeside cabin to help him write, but it turns out going bad with her disappearance into the surrounding area. All sorts of bad things happen, like Alan being incarcerated by the local police in regards to his wife's disappearance. After breaking free, Alan finds himself hunted by monsters made of darkness whose only weaknesses are the few sources of light you can find deep in the woodland mountainside.

All that's left to ask now, after such astounding numbers have been produced, is when's the sequel coming out? Everyone is waiting for a proper Alan Wake return on the Xbox One — we're looking at you, Remedy Entertainment, to shine some light on this matter.