What time is it? It's time for Little Orbit, Cartoon Network Enterprises and WayForward to announce Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom.

WayForward will continue its streak and develop the third Adventure Time video game, which will be a top-down action adventure title akin to high fantasy console games of old. You'll solve puzzles and battle critters, much like classic top-down Zelda games.

Matt Scott, CEO of Little Orbit, said, "WayForward is the perfect studio to bring the third all-new Adventure Time video game to fans of the animated series. Just like the Adventure Time television series, these video games have resonated strongly across all age groups and we’re thrilled to be publishing the latest installment of this beloved franchise.”

Players will be able to control both Finn the Human and Jake the Dog as they adventure their way through an unexplored region of Ooo. No other details about the game have been made available, but all we have to say is "Oh, my glob!"

We'll keep you updated as more information about this title is made available. Until then, let's twiddle our thumbs and wait patiently for it to arrive in Nov. 2014 for PC, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.