Ace Attorney 5, the next installment of the beloved Ace Attorney series, will star a returning Phoenix Wright, letting the bird-haired lawyer tackle the courtroom once more and point accusatory fingers at suspects.

And thanks to this trailer from the Japanese CapcomChannel, pointed out by Kotaku, we get to see Phoenix in his 3D glory, accompanied by new sidekick, Kizuki Kokone (though her name will likely change in the North American release).

Not only does the video show how stunning the familiar courtroom setting looks in 3D, but it also shows us a bit of Miss Kokone's Heart Scope and how it gauges the emotions of any witnesses giving testimony, hopefully to catch them in a lie.

It's probably pretty interesting for fans to see how the familiar actions and situations play out in 3D, given that this will be the first time in the series' history that the adventures aren't set in a 2D plane.

Watch the video below and give us your own thoughts on Ace Attorney 5 and let us know if you're excited to see the North American release on 3DS.