Whether you remember it as Out of this World or Another World, this fan-made movie of the game's intro looks great, detailed and true to the source material.

Polygon reports that Polish filmmaker Bartek Hlawka has made a fan film mainly consisting of the opening scenes of the 1991 PC, Atari ST and Amiga classic, Another World. Another World was released in North America on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis under the name "Out of This World," in order to avoid copyright issues with the TV drama called 'Another World.' Coincidentally, an unrelated sitcom named 'Out of This World' started airing just a few months after the game's North American release.

'Another World: The Movie' doesn't exactly recreate the game's intro frame-by-frame. Instead, it tries to recreate some of the intro's most iconic shots. After an experiment goes bad, a scientist named Lester finds himself in another world, filled with dangerous wildlife and a race of alien oppressors that want him dead. We were surprised to see that Hlawka included Lester's alien friend, Buddy, in the movie. Hlawka is planning to expand this fan film into a project that is roughly 15 minutes long, expanding on the story of 'Another World: The Movie.'