“Because you're the best of what's left.” This quote from Hot Shots Part Deux seems to fit this list of the 6 Best iOS Mini Golf Games. Everyone loves a nice game of putt-putt golf, and finding a cool one in your area isn't that hard to do. What is hard is trying to find a decent one in the App Store with decent graphics, courses and gameplay. Out of the dozens available, we managed to find the best of the best … of what's left. Score a hole-in-one with our 6 Best iOS Mini Golf Games.

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    Tiki Golf 2

    Arb Studios LLC

    The graphics are horrid, but the gameplay is fast and fun. Choose your tiki idol and golf on some of the craziest putt-putt courses you'll see in this list. You can even tilt your device to control where the ball goes, making for some interesting ways to get a hole-in-one.

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    MyGolf 3D

    iWare Designs Ltd.

    Decent graphics and some nice course designs help make up for the extremely touchy touch controls. MyGolf 3D won't break any new putt-putt ground, but it's a nice way to pass the time and play as characters who can't dress themselves properly.

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    Mini Golf 3D

    Jump Games Private Ltd

    There are a whole series of Mini Golf 3D games available for purchase, so fans of this particular game can go nuts and buy all kinds of different themes. Decent graphics, gameplay and courses help keep Mini Golf 3D from going over par.

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    3D Mini Golf Challenge

    Digital Chocolate

    3D Mini Golf Challenge has some ugly character models, but it's got a great variety of games to play. Collect points and unlock new challenges as you try and beat the computer. With a lot of different games to play in a variety of areas, 3D Mini Golf Challenge is not only fun, but it's free!

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    Mini Golf MatchUp


    Free to play with seven courses and over 70 holes? We can't argue with that. Mini Golf MatchUp has cute graphics and the ability to play your friends. And isn't beating your friend at mini golf the best feeling ever?

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    Damp Gnat Ltd

    Wonderputt is #1 on our list of the 6 Best iOS Mini Golf Games because it's one of the strangest golf games you'll ever play. The screen never changes, but the environment does. Everytime you make a hole, a brand new area will unfold before you on the game's playfield, keeping you guessing as to what is going to happen next. The only bad side is once you've played all 18 holes, the unlocked stuff isn't as much fun to do. And it's iPad only. An update with more courses can keep this putt-putt game at #1 for a long, long time.