The latest video for Splinter Cell: Blacklist offers developer commentary on the three different styles players can use to complete a mission.

Splinter Cell has always been a game that allowed some flexibility in the way you approached a given mission. With Blacklist though, players will be scored differently based on how they choose to play. Ubisoft is including three different styles (Ghost, Panther, Assault), each with their own scoring system and preferred tactics.

Game Director Patrick Redding provides commentary in the walkthrough of the Abandoned Mill level below, and uses each style exclusively in three different attempts. Ghost is all about 100 percent stealth and non-lethal takedowns. While it may take a little longer to complete the objective, the Ghost style also awards the most points out of all the available methods. Panther is stealthy, but lethal, and awards the second-most points. Assault is basically a "leave no man behind" approach, and while it gives the least amount of points, it does allow you to move through a level with haste since you aren't concerned about detection.

Check out the video below for a closer look at some of the new gadgets at Sam's disposal, and to see how each of the ways to play offers decent variety.