Wii never saw this coming -- just when you thought it was tough enough to snag a Wii U for Christmas, someone up and steals $2 million worth of the consoles.

Destructoid has reported on an ABC News technology blog post concerning the theft of 7,000 Wii U consoles from a SeaTec Seattle Air Cargo warehouse. The report says that these would-be Grinches used two semi-trucks, attached them to some trailers pre-loaded with the consoles, and then drove away. They also had a box-truck, presumably full of more consoles.

The police currently have no leads, nor would they or Seattle Air Cargo comment on whether or not this could have been an inside job, but they expect the sales of the consoles to lead back to the thieves.

View the video on the story below for more on the console caper. And we'd probably recommend staying away from eBay for a while if you're in the market for a Wii U. The prices are ridiculous enough, but now there's also the chance you could be buying hot merchandise!