I was never much of a real life athlete, but I did always enjoy a good sports game. They were easy to pick up and play, and console versions got so sophisticated it was an exhilarating challenge. Compiling this list of the 10 Best Sports Games for iOS, I'm now convinced that the mobile versions are superior to even the next generation console equivalents. Here are our picks for the 10 Best Sports Games in the App Store.

  • 10

    PES 2012 - Pro Evolution Soccer


    Soccer is stereotypically a slow and measured game, and other sports games like FIFA represent that. Konami's take on soccer (they call it football everywhere but the U.S.) actually makes it a fast and thrilling game. You get to be with the player doing the most work at any given time, so you never get bored. That earns this soccer game a spot in our 10 best sports games list.

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    Homerun Battle 3D

    Com2uS Corp.

    It's sort of a movie rule that every part three should be 3D. So the Homerun Battle mobile franchise followed that rule and made Homerun Battle 3D, even though the previous entry was pretty 3D already. This batting only baseball game makes it onto our 10 best sports games list because it so captures the feeling of being a batter. The physics of swinging the bat are in the palm of your hand, and it's more accessible to play than a full hardcore baseball game.

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    NFL Rivals


    NaturalMotion's arcade style football series (NFL Rivals follows Backbreaker 2) is a thrilling physics based experience. You actually feel like you're running the ball down the field for a touchdown, or running headfirst into a receiver for the tackle. Anyone who has trouble with the more complex Madden will love the simple, authentic thrill of NFL Rivals. NaturalMotion's hockey version, Icebreaker, is just as good but it's basically the same game with skaters instead of runners.

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    Virtua Tennis Challenge


    Sega's tennis series earns a spot on our 10 best sports games list because it creates a really natural feeling tennis game. You don't have to worry about running after the ball, but the variations on swiping your tennis racket make all the difference. It creates the feeling that you have total control over your swing, and you can get some serious volleying going with the CPU opponent!

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    Super Stickman Golf 2

    Noodlecake Studios

    Noodlecake takes what was great about Super Stickman Golf and cranks it up to 11 with their sequel. Stickman Golf 2 has more courses, more outfits and a crazy multi-player that will keep you coming back for more. You may swear a lot on the links, but you'll be heaping nothing but praise on this excellent golf game.

  • 5

    Madden NFL 12


    I suck so much at the Madden games for Playstation and Xbox, so the fact that I can play the mobile version at all makes it an easy choice for this list. Not only is it simple and streamlined, I can actually control my quarterback and see all of my receivers. Longtime fans of Madden are sure to be impressed with the mobile port, and I would recommend it to new players as a fine introduction to the franchise.

  • 4

    NBA Jam


    NBA Jam is the craziest basketball game you'll ever play, and the mobile version is every bit as thrilling as standing in an arcade jamming on buttons. The touch screen makes it so easy to swipe your shots and dunks that you may start talking trash to folks looking at you fiddling with your phone. Boomshakalaka!

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    2K Sports NHL 2K11

    2K Sports

    I always liked hockey games because they're so fast and furious, and 2K sports' most recent hockey game for iOS captures that speed and intensity. You'll feel like you're on the ice as you control your players with the slightest touch. Most people look forward to the fights in hockey, but I revel in the grace of a spin or a dodge. Even though they didn't update NHL2K for this year, the game is so strong it's still one of the 10 best sports games.

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    Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 12


    Wow, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012 actually makes you feel like you're swinging the club. Sure, it's just the gentle slide of your finger, but when you see the avatar of Tiger or another PGA legend do your bidding, you feel like it's all you. Don't worry if you're not a golf fan. Every shot in the game gives you something exciting to watch or do. It would almost be the best sports game, except...

  • 1

    Fight Night Champion by EA Sports™


    Oh my God, EA has figured out how to make you feel like a boxer without getting hurt or working out. The controls for Fight Night Champion are really an extension of your own body. You move around the ring by tilting the actual device, and tapping for punching kind of makes you feel like you’re wailing on some dude. Plus, the ringside announcers have so many unique things to say, it really feels like they’re commentating live on your match. Fight Night Champion is not only the heavyweight champ in our 10 best sports games list, it’s one of the best games ever!