A sequel to the Wii U's first-person, zombie apocalypse game has been found online.

IGN reports that Amazon France accidentally listed ZombiU 2 for pre-order. While the game was taken down, the French news site, Jeuxvideo, has saved Amazon's listing. The original game took place in London, but it looks like the sequel is going to be set in New York, according to Amazon's translated description. We should note that the game had Bandai Namco listed as its distributor, but Ubisoft still owned rights to the ZombiU IP last we heard. Since Ubisoft's headquarters are located in France, it makes sense that Amazon accidentally listed ZombiU 2 on its French website rather than its other branches. At the same time, the underwhelming sales of ZombiU has us relatively surprised that the game is even getting a sequel at all.

Stay tuned as we'll provide up-to-date coverage on ZombiU 2 once more information is available.

It's no Resident Evil, but ZombiU is still really creepy.