A while back, we heard tell that Bethesda was not satisfied with Human Head’s work on Prey 2. Rumors and leaks have put the game solidly in a state of limbo, and no one really has spent the time to talk about it or its eventual fate. However, it looks as if Bethesda’s parent company Zenimax isn’t willing to give up on the IP just yet.

According to Gamespot, Zenimax has filed to extend its trademark for Prey. The company filed several different applications, covering TV, online games, magazines, comics, and films. They are protecting the IP so vehemently you’d think that they would have big plans for it, however Gamespot said that Zenimax has refused to comment on the filing.

Zenimax originally picked up the Prey property in 2009. While it’s possible that the company is filing to extend its trademark simply to protect the brand, they won’t be able to do so forever without releasing a new title. It’s unlikely that we will hear anything new out of Bethesda or the Prey 2 project for this year’s E3, but we are open to being surprised.