Zen Studios has unveiled the next franchise that will be getting the Zen Pinball treatment, and it looks like we're all going down to South Park to have ourselves a time.

The official Zen website posted a small blog update announcing the South Park, with only the above image and, "Two totally sweet pinball tables are coming in October, you guys! Stay tuned for more details," shared in it. We can glean that South Park will be getting two tables, but that's about all we can say for sure at the moment.

However, if you look at the pinball crushing Kenny in the picture, it looks like the reflection of one of the tables can be seen. We can only see a bunch of familiar South Park faces, but we also see Chef sitting on a couch on one side, the school bus in the background, and Terrance and Philip on the opposite side of Chef. Seeing as how Chef isn't on the show anymore, that could be a sign that these two tables will explore all of South Park's 16 seasons worth of content just as the recent South Park: The Stick of Truth had done.

We'll have more on these two new tables as they develop.

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