Earlier this week, Ubisoft released a video detailing many play mechanics at work in their upcoming action/adventure title, Watch Dogs. The video briefly mentioned that the game will utilize a reputation meter which will affect the way the city sees you. Today, Ubi gave us a more detailed look at the system, and how it will affect the player.

Lead Writer Kevin Shortt explained that rather than using a traditional good/evil meter, Watch Dogs’ reputation system will “make you consider your actions and what you’re doing.” He added, “We really wanted it to just be the citizens reflecting back on you and what you’re doing so that you think about it more.”

In service of this, citizens will treat player they trust differently than those they fear. A player with a good rep might be able to steal a car in plain sight and have citizens ignore his crime. Conversely, jacking a ride with a bad rep will see citizens run to call the cops on you. This is all reinforced by the city’s media outlets, which will treat players differently, depending on their reps. Players who run over citizens with abandon will see their faces on the news as wanted men, while less aggressive players might see less negative reports that question just how bad a guy you are.

While the reputation system will play a major part in how players experience Watch Dogs, it won’t take away options from players with bad reps. Reviled players will still be able to access every area, store, and plot point the game has to offer. Likewise, it will not affect the way you are treated by your NPC colleagues.

The nature of Watch Dogs lends itself to many moral decisions that will not be measured by the reputation meter. For example, choosing to hack into the unsecured bank account of a relatively poor person might make some players bristle, while others will feel no guilt. Either way, it’s a decision that’s invisible to the general population, so it won’t affect you reputation.

Watch dogs’ reputation system is yet another fascinating aspect of an already ambitious game. Watch Dogs is set for a May 27 release on all major platforms, save for the Wii U, which will come at a later date.