The Studio known for the You Don't Know Jack series is looking to "corner the party game market" this holiday season with The Jackbox Party Pack.

The Jackbox Party Pack will include five party games that will be "perfect for the upcoming season of holiday parties and gatherings". These games include You Don't Know Jack 2015, Fibbage XL, Drawful, Word Spud, and Lie Swatter. You Don't Know Jack is a quiz-show game, Fibbage XL is a game about out-bluffing your friends, Drawful is a "drawing game that puts a bizarre...twist on classic drawing games," Word Spud makes players finish partially-formed words in a battle of wits, and Lie Swatter includes thousands of trivia bits that players have to determine as either true or false. While some of these games only allow up to eight players, Lie Swatter can actually house up to 100 players in a game and allows people to join/leave on-the-fly.

If you're excited to party, you can download The Jackbox Party Pack now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PlayStation 3. Keep an eye out for the Steam version of The Jackbox Party Pack which will be released before Thanksgiving. There's also a free trial version of two games in the pack if you're not quite sure what to make of it.