Yoshi is getting an adorable makeover in his new game, Yoshi's Wooly World, and he's getting some amiibo figures, too.

If you didn't think there was any way that Yoshi could possibly get cuter... well, you're just wrong. On the latest Nintendo Direct, Bill Trinen delivered new details on Yoshi's Wooly World, where everything is made of, you guessed it, wool. Plus, Yoshi has a super cute new voiceover where he basically just makes baby grunts that makes you want to pinch his adorable wooly cheeks.

But anyway, to get into the actual game: there will be two modes — Classic Mode and Mellow Mode. Classic Mode will lead you through the game in a way that you would normally play it — it will be challenging and there are certain levels that may leave you shaking your fist at your screen. Mellow Mode is for those times when you want to scream in annoyance and just need a break. It's also for the beginner gamer to help them get the ropes. Remember, Yoshi is totally cute, but that doesn't mean the game is totally easy.

But okay, did we mention that Yoshi is totally cute? Well so are his new amiibo figures. Planned to release along with the game are three new Yoshi amiibo figures (green, blue and pink), totally made of yarn. They can double as your nighttime sleeping buddy and your amiibo buddy. When you tap yarn amiibo Yoshi on your Gamepad, it will allow you to play with two Yoshis. You can also turn this second Yoshi into a yarn ball to help you out throughout the game.

Yoshi's Wooly World will be rolling onto Wii U in the fall, so brush up on your knitting and get prepared to fly through a world of yarn lava.