The Xbox One's big system update for March has gone live, adding screenshots, suggested friends and more.

There are a whole slew of new, exciting updates and changes coming in with the Xbox One March update, but one of the most exciting are screenshots. Screenshots are a game changer. Screenshots are bae. Anyway, Polygon reports that the March update is finally ready and waiting for your downloading pleasure. To get into more detail about everything that the update will be bringing about, read on.

  • Screenshots
    • First of all, did we mention that the Xbox One is getting screenshots? You will be able to take screenshots, share them, set them as your background, tweet them and just generally revel in the screenshot awesomeness. Voice commands can trigger them as well.
  • Suggested Friends
    • Perfect for stalking, you will now be able to add your full name (which is another added feature in the upcoming patch) in order for all of your friends, relatives, enemies and dogs to find you. Suggested friends will show up with people you might know as well as top community broadcasters and clip creators. This way you'll find more people you know and get more content you want to see.
  • Party Chat Enhancements
    • Now you can figure out if your friends are using their Kinect or their headset as their microphone. People using their Kinect are the worse, since you can usually hear everybody in the player's room talking.
  • Tile Transparency
    • Going back to the screenshot madness, you can now change the transparency of your app tiles so that you can see your background better.
  • Voice Search Privacy
    • You can now share voice search data to allow anonymous collection and analysis of voice data.
  • Report Spam
    • Just in case you want to make people pay for being jerks, you can now report them for spamming your Message Box.
  • Australia
    • Australia is getting support for OneGuide, which comes with Live TV and you can now pre-purchase the Xbox Digital TV Tuner.

You can check out the video above for more details while you wait for the Xbox March update to download.