It's been a while since the Xbox One's had a console update, but there's a big one just around the corner, and we've got all the details now.

Let's just stop and think about what we've been looking for in the next Xbox One update for a second. Is it screenshots? If it is, you're in luck! The Xbox One will now feature screenshots and many features to support your screenshots on the Xbox One. If you weren't thinking screenshots then you might be out of luck considering half the video above details all the screenshot goodness coming in the update.

Since Microsoft seems so excited about screenshots, we're going to run over the features that will come along with it. Now, by double clicking the Xbox button you will automatically take a screenshot -- this makes sure that nothing (such as the game settings opening up the menu after you click it) will get in the way of your screenshots. Then you will be prompted with the opportunity to save the picture that you have taken. After your screenshot is taken you can then do a multitude of things with it such as like, comment and share it from the upload app to your activity feed, twitter, or send it in a message. You can even set it as your background.

Additionally, the March update will include a significant revision to the upload app, which will now house your screenshots and apparently also include a greenscreen feature. There's not much information about that just yet, so you will have to check back. There will also be a new option for name sharing -- instead of just being able to show it to friends, you will now be able to show it to anyone and everyone so that more of your friends can find you through your name. Finally, you will be able to customize your tile transparency to either really let your background show through or hide it quite well.

To really get the full feel of the update we'll have to wait until it comes out in March. Preview members are seeing the update roll out now, however.