A new report states the Xbox One has finally surpassed the PlayStation 4 in something, and that something is Black Friday sales.

This past week, people rushed out to their nearest retail stores to snatch up deals that only happen once a year--Black Friday. During this year's Black Friday, Games Industry reports that the Xbox One recorded 53 percent of the market share, which surpassed PlayStation 4's 31 percent. All of this data was collected by Infoscout, which gathered 180,000 receipts together and figured out the calculations. Not only was the Xbox One the best seller overall, but it was the best seller at two of the top electronics retailers in the U.S.--Target and Walmart.

These Black Friday sales are following the trend that Microsoft has set ever since it decided to drop the Xbox One's price $50 earlier in the holiday season. Even though EA CFO Blake Jorgensen is hopeful that the Xbox One will soon catch up to the PlayStation 4 in sales, the real question seems to be what will happen after the holiday season when the Xbox One returns to its previous price. Of should we say, if it returns to its previous price.

No matter what way you look at it though, this kind of competition is good for both the companies and the consumer. It means the companies will take some risks, and that's always good for our wallets and our collections.

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