EA's Chief Financial Officer is extremely enthusiastic about the recent rise in Xbox One shipments, but what does this really mean for the current-gen Xbox?

Gamasutra reports that EA CFO Blake Jorgensen acknowledged that Xbox is catching up to PlayStation in the current-gen console war during a talk at the UBS Global Technology Conference. During their respective launches, the Xbox One premiered with an MSRP of $499.99 and the PlayStation 4 premiered at $399. If you're wondering why there was such a significant price difference between these two consoles, the answer is simple -- the Xbox One originally had the new Kinect included as a part of its system, which factored into its pricing. As the PlayStation 4 continued to slay the Xbox One in terms of monthly sales, Xbox decided to sell its new system without the Kinect for a cheaper price.

"Clearly Sony has jumped out to a lead with a great console and I think a great pricing strategy". Jorgensen said, "Microsoft is catching up quickly".

Sony, who purportedly had a 2:1 sales lead on the Xbox One with its PlayStation 4, might lose its lead now that Microsoft decided to drop the price of the Xbox One even further for the holiday season. This $50 drop in price won't be around forever, as the console will revert back to its normal price come January. Microsoft claims that not only will the Xbox One soon cross the 10 million shipped mark, but also that its sales have tripled since this significant reduction of price.

As we all know, 10 million shipped doesn't necessarily mean 10 million sold. Even though Jorgensen estimates that after the holiday, "the installed base for next-gen consoles will be north of 25 million", the real question is if sales for the Xbox One will stay on the rise once its the price reduction is revoked.

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