Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb and Xbox engineering team member Richard Irving breakdown the changes coming to the Xbox One's operating system.

Major Nelson is back with a preview of the Xbox One's new interface. This version of the UI is all about customization and letting you access the most-needed things as quickly, efficiently and effortlessly as possible. The redesigned home menu is quite different, focusing on vertical scrolling and having Snapped Apps relocated from the right side of your screen to the left.

You can jump between your pinned apps and games just by using your controller's trigger buttons. At the home page, you can hit Right Trigger to go to your pinned items or press LT to go back to your most recently played game/app. The new guide pops up whenever you double tap the Xbox button on your controller or just press left from the home menu. You'll instantly see which of your friends are online or in parties. You can quickly scroll between your notifications, messages, settings and snapped apps while on this new left menu. In order to manage your clips/pictures, you'll go to the Game DVR app instead of the Upload app after saving your in-game media. You can of course snap the Achievement Tracker app to keep up with the requirements of your in-game achievements in real time.

Unfortunately, there's no launch window as to when we should expect this Xbox One interface to be released, but I have a feeling we'll be enjoying it by the end of the year.

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