Bungie's 'Firefly'-filled spin-off to Halo 3 is coming to owners of The Master Chief Collection for free, along with other goodies, as a way of saying sorry from 343 Industries.

343 Industries head Bonnie Ross recently made a post on the Xbox Wire that thanked fans for sticking with Halo: The Master Chief Collection despite all of its server and matchmaking hiccups. Since it debuted on Nov. 11, this Halo anthology's online gameplay was met with a ton of server and matchmaking issues. While 343 Industries has been working hard at trying to iron everything out, there are still a fair share of problems with Chief's online functionality.

Ross explained that an upcoming content update will be adding 10 episodes of Halo 4's Spartan Ops co-op missions to its online multiplayer. More importantly, she mentioned that anyone who played The Master Chief Collection during its first month of release will be getting a extra month of Xbox Live Gold, an in-game Avatar and an in-game Nameplate, all for free.

On top of the bonuses mentioned, 343 Industries will be upgrading Halo: The Master Chief Collection to include Halo 3: ODST's campaign mode, which will run at 1080p and 60fps. Unfortunately, don't expect any of ODST's multiplayer to come with it, but it's still a great move from 343 and reflects the studio's friendly status with the former Halo team at Bungie. Also being added is the Relic Halo 2: Anniversary Multiplayer Map. While no launch window was announced for these bonuses, it's a great gesture of appreciation from Ross' team at 343.

Chief was probably partying too hard: