Watch some hidden gameplay footage of the Mortal Kombat studio's new mobile fighter starring some of the biggest and baddest (literally) wrestlers the WWE has to offer.

WrestleZone reports that gameplay footage (provided above) from the upcoming WWE Immortals mobile fighting game has been posted privately on WWE's official YouTube account. WWE Immortals is a mobile brawler made by the Mortal Kombat Krew at NetherRealm Studios and is coming to Apple and Android devices. As you can tell by its gameplay, everything is re-imagined and the wrestlers are now even more hyped up than they usually are. Roman Reigns is a gladiator/Roman soldier, Sheamus is a real Celtic warrior, Lesnar is some kind of devil-like beast and John Cena is a Superman ripoff (very appropriate).

So far, WWE Immortals' playable roster consists of the following wrestlers:

John Cena
Brock Lesnar
The Rock
The Bella Twins (should have been AJ Lee and Natalya)
Big Show
Triple H
Roman Reigns

WWE Immortals will redefine "Hell in a Cell" on Jan. 15 when it debuts for Apple and Android mobiles and tablets.