Daniel Bryan's Running Knee, Cesaro's Gutwrench Suplex and all sorts of other wrestling moves are coming with this new DLC for WWE 2K15.

There are endless possibilities in regards to what can happen in a wrestling ring. Despite being around for decades, professional wrestling always find new ways and moves to entertain a crowd while working a match. 2K has announced that WWE 2K15's New Moves Pack DLC has gone live, adding over 30 new moves for just a few dollars that you can add to your favorite wrestler or custom-created superstars. While WWE 2K15 already has a plethora of wrestling moves for your favorite superstar to do, there can always be more.

Bray Wyatt has already shown that he can use his Sister Abigail finishing move in a variety of different ways, which this DLC would add to your version of WWE 2K15. The same can be said of the Running Knee, which is meant to be added to Brie Bella's move set as she started using it over the past year as a finisher since her real life husband, Daniel Bryan, uses it as well. We know, we know -- Bryan got the Running Knee and CM Punk got the Go to Sleep finishing moves off of Kenta, the Japanese wrestler who now wrestles in WWE as Hideo Itami.

If you want to soar like the Usos or Suplex like Cesaro, we suggest getting WWE 2K15's New Moves Pack for only $3.99. Here's to hoping Brock Lesnar destroys Cena in Philly this month at the Royal Rumble.